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Employees often hold back what they really think of their employer. Indeed recent statistics for the UK show that:

  • Only 54% enjoyed their day-to-day tasks while less than half (48%) thought that the organisation they worked for was well managed and a mere 43% of employees agreed that there was a positive relationship between management and staff in their organisation.
  • Knowing where you stand on crucial employee views enables you to make improvements, provides a benchmark for measuring progress, and aids your own motivation.

Typically a confidential employee survey will reveal:

  • Employees’ Commitment to you – it may be higher than your expect
  • Levels of Job Satisfaction – if appropriate, giving you incentive to raise them
  • Role Clarity – clear role mean less stress and better performance
  • Views on your Leadership Culture – good leaders are grown not born; so this can be addressed as may be appropriate
  • Communication – relevant to leadership, so easy to strengthen and so effective
  • Ease of Problem Solving within your culture – it is hugely beneficial if employees feel comfortable putting forward solutions to problem areas; invariably they are closer to those problems than you
  • The level of Teamwork – good teams outperform a collection of individuals every time
  • Attitude to Quality – the true cost of quality compromises is often under-estimated
  • The extent to which you have an Innovative Culture – there are immense benefits if you can encourage employees to actively participate in the future direction of the business
  • Current levels of Morale – crucial to motivation and performance

Our reports provide not just the statistics for your organisation, but informed comment based on in-depth experience and carefully chosen practical suggestions to effect improvement in every area we survey.