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Just a flavour of the type of impact that an HR Health check can have:

  • Assess and reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to which, an as employer, you will be inevitably exposed
  • Reduce shortcomings in selecting new employees; instead have the right people in the right positions and make huge performance improvements
  • Lower your recruitment costs, get high employee performance earlier, place less stress on existing staff
  • By finding more efficient practices put less stress on individuals and hence have better motivation and performance
  • Protect the business from threats arising from poor attendance levels, staff turnover that is too high, or from discipline and grievance occurrences
  • Using performance management, create further improvements in performance, morale and motivation. – think what a 1% improvement in performance would mean for your business!
  • Maximise the management of your own internal talent for now and the future
  • Avoid the exposure to risk and substantial costs of going into the executive recruitment marketplace
  • Create a robust organisation better able to withstand changes in the environments in which it works

A health check uses our experience to reveal unseen opportunities by comparing existing practices against industry best practice.