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Number 10, Sony, the NSA and North Korea are not alone in concern about hackers. IT expert William Rossi of Daisy Group plc warns that hackers can penetrate the IT systems of more than half of UK businesses in less than an hour.

Correlated with a finding, two years old now, that half of all employees would sell their corporate password for £5, it is unsurprising. Indeed employees are invariably the main security risk. It is easy to be unwitting. My four digit passcode on my iPhone4 was clocked and remembered by a sharp-eyed 7 year old! Post-it notes on screens can still be seen.

Furthermore, with employees own devices increasingly frequently tied in with company systems, a “bring your own device” to work (BYOD) policy needs to be considered; as we pointed out in an earlier blog.

Consider the possible  consequences for your business of a malevolent hack – or perhaps best not.

So if you haven’t updated your IT policy recently then it may be a good New Year’s resolution to do so. Employer Solutions has policies available and can also put you in touch with people who can test out the security of your systems. If you dare!