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The 7th Edition of Human Resource Practice is now available. Packed with practical advice on “everything HR” from recruitment to dismissal, it has been praised as a guide to sound practice in the management of people. The book is written by two HR consultants, practising with Employer Solutions. A popular student text, the emphasis is nevertheless on the practical aspects of HR rather than the academic. Consequently there is much in the book that any employer will find invaluable.

This latest edition has a fully revised chapter on the legal background to employing people and an information and communication chapter with hints on increasing the value of social media for employers. There are numerous other updates to reflect the ever changing employment environment.

With six earlier editions and over 65,000 copies sold, it is unsurprising therefore that Human Resource Practice can be claimed to be one of the country’s best selling HR books. Those who are familiar with the cover of the 6th Edition may note that new edition is designed to open even bigger doors!

Human Resource Practice 7th Edition is available from CIPD for £46.99 if you would like your copy signed please let us know.