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Businesses looking for expert support to help them grow may want to take a look at the GrowthAccelerator service, which has already provided valuable support to more than 10,000 SMEs in England over the last 18 months. GrowthAccelerator is a partnership between private enterprise and government aimed at helping England’s brightest growing businesses to achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth.

Managed in the north west by Winning Pitch, the service matches the business with an expert business coach, provides a series of workshops on high growth topics and offers exclusive access to up to £2,000 per person in match funding for leadership and management training.

How can I grow sales more quickly? Where are the new ideas that will galvanise my business? How can I overcome my barriers to growth? Where do I get funding? These are just some of the questions that GrowthAccelerator helps to answer.

Research amongst the first 10,000 businesses to participate on the service shows extremely high levels of satisfaction, with 96% saying that they would recommend GrowthAccelerator to other businesses, and 96% on track to achieve their growth plan milestones.

The service isn’t free but for most businesses it is heavily subsidised. To find more details or request an initial consultation, go to