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Failure to manage others effectively means lost performance, perhaps lost business and certainly lost profit.

In a recent survey of UK employees a third said they dreaded coming into work because of a bad team environment and a further third believed a tense atmosphere had an impact on their ability to do their job properly.

Half of those surveyed said that the biggest office timewaster was ‘sloppy work’ from their team colleagues that needed re-doing

Managing others is therefore a crucial skill. While it is not “rocket science”, it requires practical training of the type not normally found in the tutor led environment of management qualifications.

For example, knowing how to “have a word” without bullying on the one hand or being ignored on the other is a crucial skill.

Good management goes beyond this and all managers can benefit from a personal development plan which will not only enable them to motivate employees but assist the manager’s motivation and confidence too.

The outcome will show on the bottom line.