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A job applicant seeking work at 89 hit national headlines recently. He wanted to avoid boredom. But there are real benefits to all parties in working beyond retirement age.

Donald Trump, Pope Francis and David Dimbleby are all working well beyond retirement age and, according to research conducted by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, doing so boosts life expectancy. Continuing to work (volunteering or joining a voluntary group) “can make sure people stay physically and mentally active for longer”, she says.

Business ownership has always been one process used to work beyond retirement age. But those continuing to work in any capacity can have now some re-assurance that they are unlikely to be working themselves into an early grave!

For employers too, there is a great opportunity. Older people have a great pool of experience and those are beyond retirement age have “been there, done that”. They are less likely to be a threat to young high fliers who have career ascendency in their sights. The best older workers will take on the task of bringing others along, and do so with enthusiasm. Furthermore, once people have “tasted” retirement (especially if they have a pension) then salary expectations may be lower.