Gig workers, living wage and the Taylor review

With the Taylor review now published employers may want to re-consider the nature of their employment relationships; or perhaps not. Buy anything online today and the odds are that it will be delivered to your door by a gig worker. Someone who is not protected by mainstream employment legislation and whose earnings, quite likely, will […]

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Zero hours – criticisms neutralised

Criticisms of a long standing contractual arrangement (ie zero hours) were raised some months ago. The Unite Union decided to challenge them, allegations of abuse surfaced and were probably exaggerated, politicians jumped on the bandwagon (notably the Business Secretary, Vince Cable,  who should have known better) and much hot air was generated. Now research by […]

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Zero hours debate has not yet run to nothing

The Unite Trade Union still claims that these contracts are used to avoid sick pay and holiday pay. In some quarters that might be true, but it is an abuse if and where it is the case. Now Norman Pickavance, a former HR Director, is to lead an independent consultation at the instigation of Ed […]

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Is there nothing positive about zero hours?

Under a zero hours contract employees have to make themselves available for work but they are not guaranteed work; and therefore not paid if it is not available. It is a form of contract which may suit circumstances where there is a fluctuating need for workers at any one time. It can be distinguished from […]

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Zero hours – deal or no deal?

The usual employment “deal” is that the employer provides work and the employee does it.  There is an obligation on both parties.  In a zero hours contract (sometimes known in the UK as a nil hours contract) the employer provides work when it has it and the employee is obliged to do it.  But if […]

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