Can the employee have a Trade Union rep with them?

We’ve been asked this question several times in the last month. An employee has the statutory right of accompaniment at any meeting where you might decide to take action in relation to them. So disciplinary hearings , dismissal hearings and appeals all fall within that definition as do grievance hearings (even though these are initiated […]

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So Unite will opt-in – so to speak.

Further to yesterday’s Blog it seems that Unite will accept the principle whereby their members only contribute to the Labour  Party where those members opt-in to doing so. I wonder if they read the Blog! So it will be interesting to see if this change produces a resurgence in Trade Union membership as employees from […]

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Unite might be opting out of an opportunity

In the era of the “closed shop” I joined a Trade Union, even though working in industrial relations for the management team. Mine was a comparatively minor split-loyalty position as in that organisation as we also had a local “Worker Director” (a strong Trade Unionist) on the Board of the company. It must be right […]

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Trade Union supports Golden Handshake for the boss.

It is encouraging that the golden handshake  for the Managing Director at British Gas is not resented by the Trade Union (GMB). British Gas customers (I am not one) may be dismayed but they have a choice: despite all the furore it is easier to switch your energy supplier than to change your employer. My […]

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