How HR and social media can harness an opportunity

Translation of the bible into English led to people being burned at the stake. Early printing presses were destroyed to prevent uncomfortable information reaching wider sources. Julian Assuage is unlikely to be burned at the stake, but he may want to be cautious about whom he embarrasses. Improvements in communication have never been popular with […]

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Can you survive without social media?

The ONS reports that small employers (10-49 employees ) are less likely, by a factor of almost three to one, to use social media to exchange views opinion and knowledge within their business . They are half as likely to use social media in the first place as large employers ( those with >1,000 employees). […]

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Make more profit with a better brand

Choosing our consumer purchases on brands, Samsung, Apple, Asda, Waitrose is familiar. But choosing an employer by brand is increasingly important to job applicants. Recognising the change in that buyer-seller relationship can reduce recruitment costs and help you acquire more productive employees. Recent research reveals that having a poor employer brand means the need to […]

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Once more, who owns your LinkedIn contacts?

You do, of course! But then who are you? You, in this context, are an employer. The LinkedIn contacts set up by your employees are yours. That is the implication of a recent High Court decision where a former employee was ordered to provide details of her LinkedIn password (and hence her personal as well […]

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Who owns your connections?

As private and business increasingly merge in the modern world questions of who owns a social media account, and all its contacts, is emerging as a matter that needs to be addressed. Contacts are crucial in any business environment and social media is starting to provide an invaluable source of contacts. Background knowledge from Twitter, […]

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Warning employees of facebook transgressions – new video

Little by little employers are making use of social media for business purposes – no more so than in marketing. We have been working with Jane’s Social Media recently, a company specialising in the business use of social media. For our part, we want to ensure that, where companies are taking advantage of these new […]

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