Benefits of an adverse weather policy

One year ago Lancaster was reeling from the effects of storm Desmond. Recent forecasts predict an exceptionally cold and snowy winter for 2016/17. High winds, floods and snow can quickly disrupt working life. So can you expect employees to attend work? Do you have to pay them if they don’t? What if they take risks […]

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Preparing for bad weather

I once ran a seminar where the last delegate arrived, having braved some of Glasgow’s worst snow, at 11am. At 11:15am we were told that the building was going to be closed because so few had made it to work! A policy is the best way of communicating in a fair and open way how […]

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It’s snow pay for non-attendees

To avoid paying employees you should require employees to make every safe and reasonable attempt to attend work during adverse weather. Also require them to contact you each day and seek to find ways in which they can work. For example perhaps they can work remotely, or answer telephone enquiries remotely. Even if they cannot […]

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