Could your self-employed workers claim employment rights?

The impact of the recent Supreme Court decision made against Charlie Mullins and Pimlico Plumbers means many more self-employed workers are likely to claim holiday and sick pay. Does it affect you? If you engage someone on a self-employed basis , provide regular work, expect him or her to discharge that work on a regular […]

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Workers’ holiday and sick pay – rights to be tightened

Law-abiding employers should welcome the moves here is why: In many low margin businesses it is not a level playing field. Those honouring employment rights are competing with those that turn a blind eye. While the latter take a serious risk – challenges in an Employment Tribunal can sink an employer – they push down […]

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Zero hours debate has not yet run to nothing

The Unite Trade Union still claims that these contracts are used to avoid sick pay and holiday pay. In some quarters that might be true, but it is an abuse if and where it is the case. Now Norman Pickavance, a former HR Director, is to lead an independent consultation at the instigation of Ed […]

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