Top tips to increase sales performance through HR

Recently a client queried with me how HR could improve sales performance. In the first place, good recruitment is crucial. Here are some top tips. Start with the “person specification” Spend time thinking through the skills and qualities you want in each sales person that you want to recruit. For example, if it is a […]

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Look beyond the law to understand HR

As a professional, it is disturbing to see HR and Employment law in one sentence. It is a bit like seeing “Relate” and divorce courts lumped together. In every case the aim is to improve situations but HR and lawyers each have very different approaches as do “Relate” and the courts. At its heart HR […]

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Women still under-confident, but make better leaders

Women out perform men significantly at every organisational level from middle management upwards.  Women are still under-confident, but they make better leaders An online survey for Glassdoor reveals that only 27% of women are confident of getting a pay rise in the next 12 months, compared to 40% of men. Only 32% of women think […]

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HR Managers – wake up to reward!

A recent survey shows that individuals who set pay make higher salaries themselves. Yet only 49% of HR leaders take charge of compensation structures and pay grades in their organisations. It is quite typical for the HR function to commence as part of the finance function, not least because that is where payroll invariably rests. […]

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