SMEs are now addressing productivity

UK productivity has reached a high recently and in employing well over 90% of the working population, SMEs must take some credit. Nevertheless they cannot escape some responsibility for the sad truth that the UK has the lowest productivity of all the G7 economies (Source: ONS). Over the past 10 years productivity growth has been […]

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Always checking work emails? Does it improve productivity?

The emergence of Smartphones has created the situation where employees can work anywhere, anytime. But are emails, texts and apps reducing productivity rather than increasing it? France has now introduced legislation to restrain employers from requiring employees to access emails in out of work hours. Whatever one’s views about the French work ethic the fact […]

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Boosting productivity – keep employees at work

Nothing damages your contribution from an employee as much as paying them to be at home when they should be at work. Even if you don’t pay them there are costs associated with their absence in lost productivity, cover at premium rates and disruption. Last year employees on average took nearly 7 days off sick. […]

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