Sickness absence rates now at 2.8%

So if the rate in your organisation (do you know the rate?) is below this then you can congratulate yourself (a little). But 2.8% equates to about 6.5 days per employee per year adding £554 per employee to the payroll each year. What can you do? There is a lot you can do and at […]

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Time for an appraisal of performance management

The concept that people’s work performance can somehow be managed by others is one that dies hard.  “Management by Objectives”, “360 degree appraisal”, “Competencies” are words disturbing enough to strike fear into the most committed of employees.  The very words performance management  are much used as a euphemism for a capability, or even a disciplinary, […]

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Four in ten managers ‘not resolving conflicts effectively’, finds survey.

Failure to manage others effectively means lost performance, perhaps lost business and certainly lost profit. In a recent survey of UK employees a third said they dreaded coming into work because of a bad team environment and a further third believed a tense atmosphere had an impact on their ability to do their job properly. […]

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