Gig workers, living wage and the Taylor review

With the Taylor review now published employers may want to re-consider the nature of their employment relationships; or perhaps not. Buy anything online today and the odds are that it will be delivered to your door by a gig worker. Someone who is not protected by mainstream employment legislation and whose earnings, quite likely, will […]

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Calculating the National Living Wage

The National Living Wage is a new National Minimum Wage level in all but name. It applies to those who are age 25 and over. As it is a higher rate you may need to check that you will be paying it. Many of the employers caught out by HMRC for failure to pay the […]

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Pay pressures 2016

Not for many years has there been as much pressure, and uncertainty, over the annual pay review. Over the last decade earnings have risen very slowly and the Financial Times (February 10th 2016) reports that since 2010 the median annual pay rise has been close to 2 per cent. Those on the National Minimum Wage […]

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Are you really ready for the Living Wage?

Employers may be sleep-walking into one of the biggest shake-ups in pay yet seen since the inflation levels of the 1970s a 7½% increase. Businesses that run care homes for the elderly are at risk of going bankrupt from a double blow of the imminent increases in the minimum wage and tighter immigration rules, reports […]

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Can you pay the Living Wage and still live?

Next April (2016) the National Minimum Wage(NMW) for those age 25 and above will become the National Living Wage (NLW): £7.20 per hour – that is a rise of 7.5%. At a time when prices are pretty static, that is going to be a massive increase in any people-intensive business. Even if you do not […]

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