Sickness absence rates now at 2.8%

So if the rate in your organisation (do you know the rate?) is below this then you can congratulate yourself (a little). But 2.8% equates to about 6.5 days per employee per year adding £554 per employee to the payroll each year. What can you do? There is a lot you can do and at […]

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Saving costs on employee selection is false economy

We assume you want your business to grow and that means you will need more employees; perhaps even an employee who will grow your business for you. What so often goes wrong? I used to tell HR professionals that if they recruit the wrong employee then, if they are lucky, the recruit will leave within […]

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Which? way for Care?

Consumer magazine Which? has carried out its own investigation into Care Homes, sending in actors to pose as new residents. As with other media investigations the results give cause for concern. They refer to standards that cite well-being, welfare and independence, but their concluding comment refers to a remark in a 2009 report that “People […]

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Care and cost

Wages and staff costs are a major part of the cost of running a care home. Best practices run at about 60% of overall income, but 70% and more is not unusual. At a 10% profit level, before interest and tax, small increases in employee costs have a drastic effect on profit. Conversely reductions in […]

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Good employees on offer?

As people, often good people, leave the public sector there will be opportunities for private sector organisations to access skills and experience not previously available to them. But smaller organisations will have to be careful. Firstly, recruitment is time consuming and for this reason, expensive. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) […]

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