New ways of working – top tips to stay ahead

Life is changing all around us and the capacity to work flexibly is seen as key to the future and a key enabler to high performing virtual teams. Ernst & Young. Employers say to us “We don’t do flexible working” or “I am not happy with home working”. Understandable views, but risky. New ways of […]

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Sickness absence rates now at 2.8%

So if the rate in your organisation (do you know the rate?) is below this then you can congratulate yourself (a little). But 2.8% equates to about 6.5 days per employee per year adding £554 per employee to the payroll each year. What can you do? There is a lot you can do and at […]

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Make more profit with a better brand

Choosing our consumer purchases on brands, Samsung, Apple, Asda, Waitrose is familiar. But choosing an employer by brand is increasingly important to job applicants. Recognising the change in that buyer-seller relationship can reduce recruitment costs and help you acquire more productive employees. Recent research reveals that having a poor employer brand means the need to […]

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How flexible can you be?

From 30th June all employees with 26 weeks service have the right to request flexible working. That is they can ask to work fewer days or hours, to adjust start or finish times, to work from home or to job share. It is only the right to request, and employers can turn down the request. […]

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Increasing pressure on companies to allow remote working.

There is increasing pressure on employers in the UK to allow flexible working including remote working. This article, from a leading law firm, emphasises the pressure arising from the statutory right to (request) flexible working; from a forthcoming statutory Acas code of practice; and from equality legislation. Many argue that home-working is more productive.Certainly commuting […]

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