Trust, employee engagement and well-being

We hear a lot about employee engagement today but, without trust between employer and employee, true engagement can only be an aspiration. Without trust, well-being initiatives may be seen as patronising, even manipulative. Building trust facilitates engagement and commitment. Respect for employees’ well-being is only part of that trust relationship. Where owners and managers are […]

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Can you survive without social media?

The ONS reports that small employers (10-49 employees ) are less likely, by a factor of almost three to one, to use social media to exchange views opinion and knowledge within their business . They are half as likely to use social media in the first place as large employers ( those with >1,000 employees). […]

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Look beyond the law to understand HR

As a professional, it is disturbing to see HR and Employment law in one sentence. It is a bit like seeing “Relate” and divorce courts lumped together. In every case the aim is to improve situations but HR and lawyers each have very different approaches as do “Relate” and the courts. At its heart HR […]

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Time to get engaged

The CIPD reports that one employee in four is actively seeking another job. That is a serious blow to the productivity and effectiveness of any organisation. If an employee is actively job seeking then performance in their current job has ceased to be a priority. They may also be spreading disenchantment among others. Interestingly past […]

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