How to deal with a difficult employee #4

This is a difficult employee to whom you have spoken countless times. You’ve established that there are no underlying personal problems. He or she has been formally invited to a meeting. The next step is a disciplinary hearing. You should always conduct a disciplinary hearing with another person present. This could be a fellow manager, […]

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Can I stop an employee recording a disciplinary hearing?

The employee has no specific legal right to record a disciplinary hearing and you can therefore refuse the request. Of course this refusal may lead to confrontation at what is the outset of what might be a difficult meeting. So what can you do? Conversely you may want to consider making a recording yourself, or […]

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Attack the principle, not the person

President Obama described Mandela as a giant of history and “we can learn from him still”. A key point for me was that Mandela attacked the principle of Apartheid, not the people – i.e. not the white minority. What can we learn? Employers need sometimes to go on the “attack”. A typical approach is the […]

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