Communicating with Millennial employees

Employees age between approximately 25 and 34 represent the “Millennial” generation and communication with them is significantly different than with older generations. Research conducted in September 2017 revealed that three quarters of millennials in the UK prefer digital communication to other forms, such as speaking to people! What does this mean for employers? Digital communication […]

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How HR and social media can harness an opportunity

Translation of the bible into English led to people being burned at the stake. Early printing presses were destroyed to prevent uncomfortable information reaching wider sources. Julian Assuage is unlikely to be burned at the stake, but he may want to be cautious about whom he embarrasses. Improvements in communication have never been popular with […]

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HR resolutions for business prosperity

Know and communicate your business purpose “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” Simon Sinek If you want employees to buy in to your business purpose then you have to know what that purpose is and communicate it to employees. If they know what the business is trying to achieve, […]

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Can you survive without social media?

The ONS reports that small employers (10-49 employees ) are less likely, by a factor of almost three to one, to use social media to exchange views opinion and knowledge within their business . They are half as likely to use social media in the first place as large employers ( those with >1,000 employees). […]

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Look beyond the law to understand HR

As a professional, it is disturbing to see HR and Employment law in one sentence. It is a bit like seeing “Relate” and divorce courts lumped together. In every case the aim is to improve situations but HR and lawyers each have very different approaches as do “Relate” and the courts. At its heart HR […]

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Does body language matter in business?

Ever since I learned that four out of five people couldn’t tell Stork from butter I’ve been sceptical of bland figures. That includes the statistic that only around 7% of communication is in the words – a figure that as a trainer I may have quoted often admittedly along with the appropriate “health warning”. But […]

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