Can you require an employee to work on Christmas Day?

Yes, but often no! If seven day working is the norm, and a requirement of the job, then it would be safe to assume you can insist an employee works on Christmas Day (and/or Boxing Day). In other circumstances you would need something specific in the contract to support a requirement to work on that […]

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Managing the run-up to Christmas

Pressures to meet goals prior to the holidays, getting ahead so business can continue in your absence, and expectations to keep up with the festive spirit can put a heavy toll on managers in the run up to Christmas. Many employees are ill over Christmas; which is a bit of a “downer”. There are some […]

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Ensure you have a Happy Christmas: FAQs on holidays and Christmas

With Christmas, and the end of most holiday years, in sight, November is a good time to review staff holiday entitlements particularly if your holiday year ends on 31st December. Employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year, with no carry over to the next year. There is a maximum statutory entitlement of […]

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Sick at Christmas?

Employees sometimes use subterfuges for getting the time they want off at Christmas and one is to claim illness. It is entirely appropriate to challenge an employee about the nature of an illness at Christmas, and especially so if they have asked for, and been refused time off. But it is best to start from […]

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