Managers need to manage attendance

The latest CIPD Absence survey emphasises the need for an employees direct manager to manage attendance, but that such managers lack the tools to do so. In the survey employers saw managers taking prime responsibility for managing attendance as being a highly effective approach. Other steps that might be taken include:- Providing sickness absence reporting […]

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Stop bullying at work

Bullying and harassment is a major source of dysfunctionality in organisations and it puts employers at risk of claims of discrimination and constructive dismissal. Poor attendance levels and high staff turnover can often be traced to bullying. How can it be stopped? There are no absolute answers. Bullying may arise for lack of management skills, […]

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Sickness absence rates now at 2.8%

So if the rate in your organisation (do you know the rate?) is below this then you can congratulate yourself (a little). But 2.8% equates to about 6.5 days per employee per year adding £554 per employee to the payroll each year. What can you do? There is a lot you can do and at […]

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Preparing for bad weather

I once ran a seminar where the last delegate arrived, having braved some of Glasgow’s worst snow, at 11am. At 11:15am we were told that the building was going to be closed because so few had made it to work! A policy is the best way of communicating in a fair and open way how […]

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Keep the law away from grief

For those of us who are self-employed or run businesses, time off for grief carries a cost. It may be loss of earnings or simply opportunity cost. But either way the emotional loss of a loved one also carries financial loss for self-employed people and business leaders. In many cases employees too suffer financial loss […]

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Care and cost

Wages and staff costs are a major part of the cost of running a care home. Best practices run at about 60% of overall income, but 70% and more is not unusual. At a 10% profit level, before interest and tax, small increases in employee costs have a drastic effect on profit. Conversely reductions in […]

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