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Strikes are not really in the interests of either party as each is damaged. Some damage is immediate but much is long term and may surface as further confrontation later. For the employer they are immensely costly.

Most strikes result from feelings of anger, frustration and powerlessness. There is a perception that this government is anti-public sector and if that view could be dispelled it would greatly help the current situation.

Private sector employers have managed to discontinue most final salary pension schemes, declare redundancies and even reduce pay without having damaging strikes. The danger to which all those employers have to be alert now, is that the current anger could transfer to the private sector. Seeing their public sector friends put up a fight could lead employees to think they are foolish if they do not do so too.

Good employer-employee communication is crucial to keeping employers safe. An employee survey will greatly foster and encourage communication – and reduce, or at least alert an employer to, any potential employee anger, frustration or feeling of powerlessness.

This is one reason that employee surveys are another solution offered by Employer Solutions.