Shared Parental Leave

Full policy, procedures and training – £199

This legislation will mean that mothers and fathers will be able to share maternity leave (and maternity pay) after the birth of a baby. Simple? Well:

  • in an age of fewer nuclear families, same-sex marriages and adoption rights, how do you know who is eligible?
  • what do you need to know to grant the leave and how are you entitled to obtain it?
  • what if you employ the father but not the mother (or vice-versa)?
  • how much leave can be granted, when and for how long

The answers lie in a clear policy that you and your employees understand.

…and the first requests for such leave may be arriving in the New Year – so you need to be prepared!

Our policy will mean:

  • you will know which employees are entitled to receive the leave (and the pay), when and for how long.
  • you will know what you are entitled to ask of them (and so will they)
  • employees will give you the information you need in a form that you can use
  • you’ll keep on the right side of the law.

We offer a full parental leave policy written in plain English covering all the situations you are most likely to face.

Our training means:

  • confidence that you will know what you, and your payroll, are doing
  • you do not deny employees anything to which they are entitled; or provide them any additional benefit unless you intentionally wish to do so.
  • advice on very rare cases that may apply in exceptionally specific circumstances.

The package

  • A full written policy customised for your organisation in hard copy and on the internet. The internet copy (downloadable) will be kept up-to-date for 12 months if there are changes in the law.
  • One hour’s on-site tuition from an HR professional

The package, policy and training is £199, exclusive of VAT*

To order the policy and book training please email us as below with the request, and suggest a few dates in January or February (December is booked up) that would suit you on which to receive the training. We will be in touch. Alternatively please call us on 01524 599399. Numbers may be limited.

*Travel expenses might be charged. Alternatively the training may be completed via Skype if preferred.

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