Care Sector

What you get

  • You stay compliant in the face of ever changing employment legislation and regulation with sound “Employer Solutions”.
  • An online employee handbook, managed for you, means your policies and procedures are always up to date.
  • Having employee relations advice (not just employment law) on hand saves you time in decision-making, in drafting sensitive (but legally robust) letters and in motivating employees.
  • Your home or care service runs more smoothly, time is spent where it should be and you manage staff with confidence.

Why us?

  • specialists in the health & care sector
  • we understand the problems you can encounter
  • ad hoc hourly HR support available
  • no long-term contracts or tie-ins

What matters today

  • Social Networking
  • A policy and employee guidance is essential to protect care sector employers.

Equality Act 2010

  • Equal opportunity policies need updating and training is advisable. That is, supervisors need to understand lots of new terms such as: harassment, victimisation, association and perception.


  • Now to be paid at the National Minimum Wage. Don’t store up a big bill to pay when employees realise – or leave.

Training Courses

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