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Employing people is a great challenge and on occasion you will want to turn to specialists in Human Resources and Employee Relations.

Even as an HR Manager, there will be times when you will need to make decisions but not want to be on your own.

Experienced Chartered HR Professionals from Employer Solutions provide high level specialist advice and support when you need it, and only when you need it. From assisting at selection interviews, to sitting beside you at a potential dismissal meeting; Employer Solutions provide practical hands on assistance so you are comfortable and confident of your employment decisions.

The Employee Handbook is at the heart of employment relationships and a task we take seriously. How many of us put it on our to-do list but never actually do it? And – if it is done, is it up to date? Does everyone have an up-to-date copy – the same “up-to-date” copy? At Employer Solutions we take that task off your hands and we put it online. Then everyone sings from the same “hymn sheet” – wherever they are. You retain control, of course, but you can tick it off your to-do list the moment you phone and ask us.

Ever heard “I don’t think I should have done this but……” from one of your managers? Real, deep understanding of the importance of staged disciplinary procedures, the correct process of disciplinary meetings and the keeping of records comes from seeing employment decisions picked over at an Employment Tribunal. This is why so many Managing Directors, supervisors and managers, and HR managers come on our visits.

The training we offer, for example in disciplinary meetings, return to work interviews and redundancy consultation, enables you or your managers to deal with the majority of these challenges comparatively easily. We still assist at the difficult ones.

Finally we have a special interest in the Care Sector from where almost 50% of our clients come. Regulation here is important, care staff employees are not the most highly paid, and yet real care and ethics are crucial. It is a sector in which we like to feel we make, and enjoy making, a contribution.

Please browse our pages, but better still please give us a call. You will need to trust us and the advice we give. That comes best from talking.

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