Pay Employees More?; Presenteeism; Performance Review; Brexit for Employers

March 2019

Pay Increase; Age Discrimination; Self-Employed Plus; Difficult Employees #5

February 2019

HR Resolutions; Mental Health Workshop; Self Employed Workers; Difficult Employees #4

January 2019

Employee Handbook Copy; Difficult Employees #3; Migrant Workers; Selection

December 2018

#MeToo; Difficult Employees; Mental Health Workshop; Tackle Stress

November 2018

Difficult Employees;  Employing Criminals; Recruitment; Apprenticeships

October 2018

Out of Hours Emails; Monitoring Employees; Employee Handbooks; Mental Health at Work

September 2018

Holiday Entitlement; ET1 Claims; Reducing Conflict; Self-employment Rise

August 2018

Employee Holidays; Password Security; HR Policies; Company Culture

July 2018

Constructive Dismissal; Self-Employed Workers; Employment Tribunal; Trade Union Negotiations

June 2018

GDPR Deadline; Data Controller – ICO Register; Rising Tribunals

May 2018

Cambridge Analytica; Employing Diabetics; Cybercrime; GDPR

April 2018

GDPR Workshop; Workplace Bullying; NLW; Cycle to Work

March 2018

Pay Rises; Workers’ Rights; GDPR Compliance; Mindfulness

February 2018

Attracting Applicants; Bullying at Work; SME Productivity; HR Practice

January 2018

GDPR & BYOD; ‘Workers’ Holidays; Millennials; Mental Health

December 2017

Sexual Harassment; Employment Tribunal; Lancaster Economy; HR Risk

November 2017

Storm Brian; Pay Rise; Diversity; Tourism

October 2017

Expo Question Time; BAE Tribunal; Employee Handbook; Flexible Working

September 2017

Employee Late from Holiday; Safe HR Data; Stress – Guide for Employers

August 2017

Fake Cancer; Gig Workers; Poor Productivity; GDPR

July 2017

Shorts at Work; Uber Chief Resigns; Expo; Recruitment Difficulties

June 2017

Sacking Family; Employers Jailed; High Attendance; Avoid the Headlines

May 2017

United Airlines; Dismissal; Social Media; Corporate Social Responsibility

April 2017

Data Hack; Employment Workshops; Older Workers; Motivated Sales Staff

March 2017

Employment Status; Dress Code; Emails & Productivity; Sales Performance & HR

February 2017

Christmas Debt; HR Resolutions; Mental Health; Trust & Engagement

January 2017

Adverse Weather; National Living Wage; HIV & Employment; Working Longer

December 2016

Manage Attendance; Uber ‘Workers’; Holiday Pay; Employment Legislation

November 2016

Recruitment Costs; Shared Parental Leave; “Must Ask” Appraisal Question; HR Salaries Rise

October 2016

Pay in Lieu; Modern Slavery; Health & Safety Threat; Book Giveaway

September 2016

Brexit & Morale; Insisting Holidays; Intangible Assets

August 2016

National Living Wage; Competitive Advantage; Employees Depressed?

July 2016

Bank Holidays; Bullying; Skirts at Work; Social Media

June 2016

Sickness Absence; Better Brand; Employee Selection; HR and the Law

May 2016

Employment Checks; Spot Potential; Pets at Work; EU for Small Employers?

April 2016

Living Wage; Apprenticeships; Morrisons & Vicarious Liability; Mental Health

March 2016

Pay Pressures; We’re Moving; Dyslexia; Best Applicants

February 2016

Company Car Accident; Declare Disability; Cloud Computing; Handling Stress

January 2016

Living Wage; Equality Law; Manufacturing; Double Candidate Pool

November 2015

Apprentices; Underpaid? Overtime; Living Wage

October 2015

Employing Migrants; English Language in Workplace; Travel-to-work Time; School Leavers

September 2015

Illegal Immigrants; Wake up to Reward; Women make Better Leaders!

August 2015

Social Media; Employment Changes; Getting Pay Correct

July 2015

Zero Hours Changes; Pay Rises; Criminal Records; Investigate it! On your Bike!‏

June 2015

Dementia Awareness; Equal Pay; Gay Rights; Driving Licences

May Edition 2 2015

Proud Employees? Mental health; Holiday Pay, Dismissal-get it right!‏

May Edition 1 2015

Employment Law Update April 2015

April 2015

Holidays; Social Media & Employees; Zero Hours Holidays; Suvey shows Pay dissatisfaction

March 2015

“Easier” Dismissal; Holiday Pay; Hitting Cyclists Dismissal

February 2015

Top tips 2015; Parental Leave; Pay Levels; Safer than Sony? Weather?

January 2015

£2,000 Cash-back; Shared Parental Leave; Occupational Health; Work Happiness

December 2014

Shared Parental Leave; Free Employee Survey; Holiday Pay; Family Businesses

November 2014

Fathers’ Rights; Bereavement; Parental Leave

October 2014

Parental Leave; Holiday Pay; Why HR? NMW increases

September 2014

Holiday Blues; Maternity Leave; Rogue Employers; Employment Law Update

August 2014

Flexible Working; Holiday Commission; Bike Benefits; We’re Recruiting

July 2014

Holiday Pay; Data Security Risk; Keeping out of Tribunal

June 2014

Compassionate Leave; Abuse in Care; If it all goes Wrong; HR in SME’s

May 2014

E-cigarettes Policy; Recording Disciplinary Hearing; Fake Qualifications; Best Company Performance

April 2014

Wage Rises; Conciliation; New Care App; Employment Law Update

March 2014

Stress hits Performance; Tribunal Claimant Costs; Back to Work Scheme; Employment Law Update; Growth Accelerator

February 2014

Compassionate Leave; Staff Turnover Risk; We’re Recruiting

January 2014

Christmas Absence, Christmas Day Working, Disciplinary Hearing

December 2013

Holidays at Christmas, TU Reps, Bribery, ACAS

November 2013

Unhappy employees? Pay Premium, Social Media Assets, Scary Politics

October 2013

Pensions auto-enrolment, Holidays, HR data, Zero hours

September 2013

Leave in school holidays, Secure data, Zero hours

August 2013

Zero hours, QCS, Employment Tribunal, Trade Unions

July 2013

Whistle-blowers, Minimum Wage, Appraisals, Workplace Politics

June 2013

Smartphone handbook, Social media policy, Cancer at work, Beecroft

May 2013

End of 1 year service protection, e-smoking, brain frying

April 2013

Boost productivity, home working, facebook

March 2013

Managers’ not resolving conflict, CRB, business social networking

February 2013

Manufacturing upturn, Trade Union, social networking, recruitment

January 2013

Seasonal sickness, recruitment, social networking

December 2012

Engagement means profit, social media & communication, recruitment tips

November 2012

Does body language matter, presenteeism, recruitment tips

October 2012

Trust in social media, Care Sector workshop, staff retention

September 2012

Go for Gold, Zero Hours contracts, Are you clean?

August 2012

SMEs increasing, recruitment tips, indemnity insurance

July 2012

Flexible working, recruitment tips, Care Sector workshop

June 2012

Abuse in care homes, Fit Notes, Go for gold, Care sector seminar

May 2012

Care Sector workshop, Is Sunday special? Benefits of older workers, Care in India

April 2012

Employee surveys, Tribunals, Budget 2012, National Minimum Wage

March 2012

Office romance, alcohol awareness, apprenticeships, pay rises, Twitter

February 2012

Age discrimination claims, social networking, Christies sponsorship, Twitter

January 2012

Happy Christmas, B&Q, Snow Pay, Working over Christmas

December 2011

Bribery Act 2010, paternity leave, “illness”, flexible working

November 2011

Ill on holiday, fraud, social networking, cut employment costs, tribunal visit
August 2011

Disciplinary costs, Sponsorship, Lay offs, Charities skills shortage
June 2011

Royal Wedding, Paternity Leave, Volunteers, Cancer at work
April 2011

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