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In the North West the rise is by 8%. The People Management salary survey reveals that HR Managers can now command salaries of £48K p.a. with Business partners typically earning £66K p.a.. Today, though, small companies can still access those skills for very much less.

The reason is that 80% of the value of a typical professional comes from 20% of their time. Originating from the nineteenth century economist, Pareto, it is a relationship that has been verified multiple times in many different fields of endeavour.

But let us suppose that you could pay for only 20% of a professional’s time and yet still get that 80%?

Well you can. This is where external HR support from Employer Solutions comes in. Our professionally qualified HR specialists are available to provide value for your business by the hour or by the day. No recruitment costs, no employment costs, no termination risks. You just pay for the value added portion.

So if larger businesses are prepared to pay £66K (and more) a year for HR expertise, think what value a little of it could add for you.