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Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce,  Fenton Street, Lancaster, LA1 1AB
Wednesday 9 November 2011
Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Whether it is sales or delivery the largest factor in success is invariably employee performance. Profit and effectiveness is frequently undermined by recruitment costs and poor attendance. These are usually symptoms of low employee engagement – which can be a serious lost opportunity. But they are also costs in themselves – CIPD report the average cost of recruiting an employee is £2,500 and that on average sickness absence costs UK employers £600 per employee per year.

So managing performance, and getting employee engagement and buy-in is a critical skill for owner-managers, chief executives and other senior managers. The more so when recession means the demand is for more output from fewer employees.

In this workshop we will cover the following aspects:

o           Setting and reviewing objectives

o           Performance appraisal and interviews

o           Employee development

o           Performance related pay

o           Motivation and engagement

Workshops run by Employer Solutions are interactive and you will have every opportunity to learn from other delegates as well as from the workshop leaders.

Copies of Human Resource Practice – with a whole chapter on the subject will be available at a discount. The book is written by Consultants from Employer Solutions: Malcolm Martin and Fiona Whiting, and is a best seller

Chamber Members & Employer Solutions Clients: £75 +VAT

Associate Members: £85 +VAT

Non Members: £95 +VAT

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