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Payment Form

Thank you for providing information about your organisation. The next step is setting up your direct debit.
You will not be charged for setting up the direct debit until your free trial month has ended. From then, your Employ Lite handbook runs as a rolling monthly subscription.

The price of your subscription depends on how many employees you have:

  • Up to 10 employees, £25 per month (exclusive of VAT)
  • Up to 50 employees, £35 per month (exclusive of VAT)
  • Up to 250 employees, £50 per month (exclusive of VAT)

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your Employ Lite subscription at any time. To do so please contact your bank to stop the direct debit and email to indicate your request to leave. You will still have access to your online handbook until the final day of the last paid month. Please note: any direct debit taken during your trial period will be for £0.00.