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After a raft of family friendly employment legislation the idea of pet-friendly policies may be the last concept employers would welcome. But Nestle (in Gatwick) has started “recruiting” dogs for their offices. There is an application process, assessment process, a probation period and an “on-boarding” process. WHY?

Research in the USA and in the UK suggests that allowing owners to bring their dogs to work has the following benefits:

  • Improved retention, especially of millennials (18 – 35 year olds)
  • Higher morale – 82% of staff would feel a greater loyalty to their company if they were allowed to bring their pet to work
  • Lower stress levels – the research reports that dog owners have lower levels of anxiety and the presence of dogs at work can defuse anger
  • Healthy employees – encouraging physical activity, walking to work, exercising at lunchtime.

Individuals benefit too. No rushing home at lunchtime to let the dog out, or feeling guilty if working into the evening. Furthermore if you work alone then it is company to have a dog quietly resting in the corner.

We have one or two clients who allow dogs at work and we have ourselves in the past. If you give it a try then please let us know how you get on.

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