Sack someone on the spot? Can you?

It is always interesting when we read of a high profile person, such as Danny Baker on Radio 5 Live, getting the sack on the day, but can an employer really sack someone instantly? Usually best not to sack someone instantly. If Danny Baker was an employee I venture to suggest it was not a […]

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2 years’ service makes such a difference

Most employers recognise that 2 years’ service is something of a milestone, but exactly why is it so important? Sometimes the difference matters and sometimes it doesn’t. When I consider this question I cannot help being reminded of Gallipoli! In the First World war it was decided that Gallipoli was crucial military target so as […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Absenteeism from mental health conditions increases year on year costing employers on average £1200 per employee per year! This year’s Mental Health Awareness week is focusing on body image. How we see ourselves can greatly affect our self-esteem, confidence and cause social anxiety and other more serious issues. On the flip side of the coin, […]

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Breaks at work – are you in a hurry?

Studies in the US have shown that impatience and a desperate sense of urgency increases the risk of heart disease. Japanese men living in America and adopting the practice of hurried meals were five times more likely to suffer heart disease than their counterparts in Japan who were eating the same foods (Bee Wilson ‘The […]

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