Pay increase in 2019

The CIPD reports that the private sector will see pay increase growth of 2.5% in basic pay expectations this year. Driving this prediction is the labour market outlook where nearly three quarters (71%) of employers are finding vacancies harder to fill and a third (32%) report that it is becoming more difficult to retain staff […]

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ACAS issues new guidance on avoiding age discrimination

With the average award for age discrimination at over £15,000* employers need to take note. ACAS advises you take care over: Years of experience now count for much less, when recruiting staff. Though the guidance does not say so specifically, depth of experience is more critical. Guidance states that matching the type of experience to […]

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New self-employed plus gets Hermes out of the woods – how about you?

Hermes new “self-employed plus” for its gig workers is being hailed as a landmark. A new form of employment status perhaps? But would it work for you? Self-employed status carries significant benefits for “employers” – no holiday pay, no sick pay, no maternity rights, no national minimum wage,no unfair dismissal rights. Individuals can benefit from […]

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How to deal with a difficult employee #5

Make and advise of the decision This is a difficult employee to whom you have spoken countless times. You’ve established that there are no underlying personal problems. He or she has been formally invited to a meeting, which has been held. Now you need to make a decision. In the light of all the information, […]

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