Should employees have their own employee handbook copy?

Some employers keep the employee handbook to themselves, only available to an employee on request instead of issuing each employee with their own employee handbook copy . I suggest that is a bad idea. Here is why…. The law The Employment Rights Act 1996 requires certain information, such as disciplinary rules, to be “reasonably accessible” […]

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How to deal with difficult employees #3

You have spoken to this difficult employee countless times and you’ve established that there are no underlying personal problems. Now it is time for the next step. It is important to understand when a disciplinary route can help. There are behaviours and there are personalities. As an employer you can expect employees to change their […]

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Using Migrant workers? Concerned about Brexit?

It may be easier in the future to take in skills from migrant workers outside the European Union. The “Shortage Occupation List” records job titles where migrants are not required to meet a “Resident Labour Market Test”. Previously such job titles have been focussed on the high-end of the labour market. These titles are now […]

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Selecting the right people, beat the competition

The interview is a challenging process for employers as well as candidates. But our competitive edge depends heavily on selecting the right people in the right positions. Write a person specification You should already have a person specification in your head – that is a list of the essential and desirable qualities you want to […]

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