Don’t allow #MeToo to trap you too

In a world where reputations, careers, and even jail, can rest on “he said; she said” no-one is safe from #MeToo. Here are some tips for keeping as secure as possible. Recognise power From Rolf Harris to Harvey Weinstein it is power that has landed these men in trouble; rightly or wrongly. Even the smallest […]

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How to deal with a difficult employee #2

Our first strategy was to understand the difficult employee. Nonetheless there can come a time when a more proactive approach is appropriate. Tackling a troublesome employee can make a big difference to competitiveness, here we look at strategy two….. Strategy two – the 9 month rule When I was tutoring HR professionals we formulated a […]

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Tackle stress head-on for a happier workforce

In a recent stress study, one in five employees  said that they found their work either very stressful or extremely stressful – what steps can you take to tackle stress and make a difference in your organisation? UNDERSTANDING STRESS Stress is the adverse physiological reaction people have to excessive pressures or demands placed on them. […]

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