How to deal with a difficult employee #1

Whether they are inherited (via a business transfer for example), result from a recruitment mistake or just an employment relationship gone sour we all get these employees from time to time. Tackling a difficult employee can make a big difference to competitiveness. Strategy One – understand the employee Serious misconduct would be an exception but […]

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Do you employ criminals?

Sir Robert Mark Commissioner for the Metropolitan police in the 1970s, famously announced that that he wanted the Met to catch more criminals than they employed. So where do unemployed criminals go? An unhealthy proportion of those imprisoned (43%) go on to re-offend. But wait, that is only unemployed criminals Of those who are employed […]

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How to recruit the best workers and the top talent

From accountants PwC to the fast food outlet McDonalds there is one ingredient that any big firm can use to steal a march on their competitors. But it is also open to the smallest of employers. Competitive advantage in the recruitment marketplace With the unemployment level being the lowest since 1975 jobs are becoming harder […]

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Are you benefitting from apprenticeships?

We’ve come full circle as the time honoured tradition of learning on the job returns with the added benefit of government funding towards apprenticeships. Today’s apprenticeship schemes An apprenticeship in the new millennium is a government funded work placed training programme for people aged 16+ to gain a qualification while earning. It’s a great way […]

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