Why have an employee handbook

11 reasons and benefits for having an Employee Handbook – hear it straight from the experts. 

1. To keep clear of employment tribunals

You need to do this because a tribunal claim can seriously damage your health and your business prospects! So make sure you take the simple step of having an employee handbook. That alone reduces the risk of a Tribunal claim by 30%.

2. To connect with employees

An employee handbook is, of course, only one way of many. But there will also be occasions when employees seek information and you are not handy. Employee handbooks can provide a ready source of info on what to do in the event of bad weather, if a domestic emergency arises or just what your policy might be on mobile phone usage.

3. To grow your business

Prestigious customers can make a real difference to your business. Major retailers, for example, frequently engage auditors before, and after, selecting a supplier. An employee handbook can impress them with your good employment practices.

4. To access funding

Fund providers often have an agenda, to promote environment good practice or to counter modern slavery, for example. Make sure you have in place the policies you need to access the funds you are after.

5. To attract talent

The best employees can be worth many times the value of the average employee. But the best employees are picky. They like to be sure a potential employer is going to be a good employer. A well written and accessible employee handbook will generate credibility and confidence.

6. To motivate employees

You are a good employer, or you would not have read this far. Get that across to your employees with sound practices in equal opportunities, data protection, compassionate leave, etc. and they’ll go the extra mile.

7. As a safety valve

Things go wrong, sometimes. You do not want dysfunctional staff, employees throwing in the towel and taking you to tribunal, or employees exposing failings in the press. Having policies such as grievance procedures, anti-bullying, and whistle blowing provide a safety valve. That way you’ll know if things are going wrong before the point of no return.

8. To guide directors and managers

Before you contemplate parting company with an employee, for whatever reason, you must see that your “ducks are in a row”. Sound policies and procedures can guide directors and managers. Nothing protects you more from spurious tribunal claims than following transparent procedures.

9. As employer branding

So you have superb products or services and you are becoming a respected brand – in the market place. But what about your employees? Do they know what a great employer you are?

A well presented employee handbook is your shop window for them.

10. So employees can resolve issues themselves

Holiday pay and maternity leave top our frequently asked questions list. Make sure your employee handbook addresses these issues in a clear fashion and you’ll waste less time on these routine matters.

11. To sell the business

I guess you don’t want to do this right now but, at some time you probably will. Your sound employment policies and procedures will show due diligence and they will be valuable when you are seeking a good buyer.

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