Are you taking your holiday entitlement?

The TUC report that over 2 million of us take less than the legal minimum holiday entitlement. I suspect that business owners and the self employed are major “offenders”. Does it matter, yes it does, here’s why. The legal position Failure to allow a worker to take holiday, by accident or design, could lead to […]

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The possible consequences if you treat employees unfairly

When employers knowingly treat employees unfairly they are relying on inertia, employees’ fear of consequences and those employees wariness of legislative processes to keep them, the employer, safe. But when flying by the seat of your pants doesn’t work, and the employee or ex-employee fights back then the consequences can be devastating. It is very […]

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Tips for reducing conflict at work

Conflict at work is inevitable. The environment brings together many different attitudes, aspirations and even cultures. We can often conflict with others who see their desire to achieve compromised by our desire to achieve. Our tips for reducing conflict at work may be easier to preach than to practice but by giving attention to them […]

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Rise in the self-employed

Around 15% of the working population is now self-employed based on figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Against this background the CIPD reports that two-thirds of employers are reporting that their vacancies are proving hard to fill and the average number of applicants per vacancy has dropped across all skill levels What might […]

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