Employee Holidays – Questions and Answers

Q: An employee has asked for holiday all next week. Do I have to allow it? A: No. First check the contract you made with your employee. This should specify the notice to be given. If not, the legal default position is two week’s notice for an holiday of one week. In the interests of […]

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Can I have your password? Password policy for employees

Fraud costs the UK economy £193 billion a year and SMEs are just as vulnerable as large enterprises. Security today relies heavily on passwords, but do you have a password policy, are you vulnerable, can you protect yourself from your own employees? Firstly be careful about whom you employ. I must assume you check employees […]

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HR policies waste time

So asserted a Senior Police Officer at a recent event. He might have a point. His argument was that neither managers nor employees read or understand HR policies, and, if it comes to a Tribunal, barristers trip the organisation up by finding points where the managers have “not followed their own procedures”. I’ve heard similar […]

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Why your company culture matters

Strong company cultures lead to substantial increases in profitability. Every day each employee makes hundreds of small decisions such as which piece of work they prioritise, how they phrase an email, or even deal with an angry customer. Unexpected events, to which they need to respond, can arise at any time. Essentially the culture of […]

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