Careless words can lead to constructive dismissals

Most employers reading this saga of a disruptive employee would sympathise with the employer. But it is a clear reminder that following procedures is both challenging and necessary. The employee in question was considered by one line manager to “be disruptive and …upset colleagues on occasions” and, by another manager, “a bit aggressive and abrupt”. […]

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Could your self-employed workers claim employment rights?

The impact of the recent Supreme Court decision made against Charlie Mullins and Pimlico Plumbers means many more self-employed workers are likely to claim holiday and sick pay. Does it affect you? If you engage someone on a self-employed basis , provide regular work, expect him or her to discharge that work on a regular […]

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Nobody wins in an Employment Tribunal

At the time of writing Philip Hammond is stressing that his experience of working with Europeans is that collaboration brings better results than confrontation. Boris Johnson seems to favour a “Trump-type” approach. The jury is out as to which will work best in Brexit – but what about in employee relations? As an HR professional, […]

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Better EU negotiations – lessons from Trade Union disputes

Always go into a negotiation knowing your “BATNA” is sound advice from William Ury of Harvard Law School. Your BATNA is your Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement. It applies well to all negotiations including those with Trade Unions. When I was a “rookie” industrial relations officer, industrial strikes were commonplace. Sometimes the best alternative […]

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