Employers named and shamed for paying below national living wage

179 employers have been caught this time round and, with the National Living Wage rates rising by up to 5.7% in April we will all need to pay attention. It is easy to get caught. One of those named, Wagamama, protested: “This was an inadvertent misunderstanding of how the minimum wage regulations apply to uniforms […]

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What is bullying in the workplace?

Whether it is workplace banter, macho-management, foul language, good humour, “a rough time” or humiliation, bullying in the workplace is gaining a worryingly high profile. Various journalists, Janet Street Porter and Polly Toynbee spring to mind, seem not to recognise that it exists, while Matthew Parris writing in the Times this week draws the line […]

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How to encourage cycling to work

The payback for employers is unequivocal but how do employers encourage cycling to work. Malcolm Martin, provides some hints and tips. Are showers, tax breaks for expensive bikes and bike lockers really necessary? I think not. Here are some of my thoughts: Ethos The increasing trend to cycling owes much to the Wiggins factor. But […]

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