Mindfulness for employers – is it win-win?

Business in the Community, an employers’ organisation, advises that mindfulness or rest “could boost productivity by improving performance and customer service”. What is mindfulness? Interest in it has grown in recent years but the term has its origin in 1979 and the principles on which it is founded, Buddhist meditation, go back to a pre-Christian […]

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How employers can comply with GDPR

GDPR affects personal data wherever it is held and whatever employers may or may not do with it. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can demand to see a record of your data processing at any time. Here we suggest the steps employers need to take: Identify the personal data that you hold Catalogue where the […]

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Workers’ holiday and sick pay – rights to be tightened

Law-abiding employers should welcome the moves here is why: In many low margin businesses it is not a level playing field. Those honouring employment rights are competing with those that turn a blind eye. While the latter take a serious risk – challenges in an Employment Tribunal can sink an employer – they push down […]

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The return of the annual pay rise?

Employers need to be prepared to increase employee earnings in 2018 according to the Bank of England. What might it mean for you? For much of my career pay rises have outstripped inflation but in recent years the trend has been quite the opposite. Pay freezes, unknown at one time, have been common in the […]

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