Bring those job applicants in!

Competition for job applicants is greater now than it has been for some decades. Attracting candidates of the right calibre, or even those who just attend for interview (!), is a challenge in some sectors of the labour market. We provide some hints and tips for bringing them in… These hints and tips are aimed […]

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Bullying at work and stress at work

I once came across “bullying at work” on a sick note for a member of staff at a GP Practice. I was tempted to think one GP was making life deliberately difficult for a rival. I had two issues with the diagnosis. Firstly it was not a diagnosis or a disease but a description of […]

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SMEs are now addressing productivity

UK productivity has reached a high recently and in employing well over 90% of the working population, SMEs must take some credit. Nevertheless they cannot escape some responsibility for the sad truth that the UK has the lowest productivity of all the G7 economies (Source: ONS). Over the past 10 years productivity growth has been […]

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Newly qualified staff member at Employer Solutions

Congratulations are due to Kerry Beattie who has successfully completed her Certificate in Human Resource Practice. It is a great achievement. The Certificate is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s foundation level qualification for Human Resources. Kerry completed the course at a Manchester college (MOL) alongside HR practitioners from many top UK companies. With […]

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