How much of an HR risk is your business prepared to take?

A recent article claims that the cost not hiring an HR specialist is far greater than an HR Managers salary. Why?

The article highlights the fact that a huge number of companies in the UK don’t have any HR in place and they miss out on opportunities to grow and prosper in consequence.

Most businesses engage financial expertise, IT expertise and sales expertise but good HR underpins them all.

Typical of some of the opportunities HR provides are:

  • Better recruitment leading to greater effectiveness. Family and friends are not always the best choice and complex family, and friend, relationships can compromise the business.
  • Good paper trails which assist you in tackling poor performance, identifying training needs and managing attendance.
  • Better employee retention.
  • And, of course, good absence management reducing the disruption caused by poor or erratic attendance.

If you disregard HR you may find yourself with a number of problems, and even more so now that the fees to raise an employment tribunal have been removed (because these fees are now classed as being unlawful).

In a Tribunal you are immediately exposed by not having an HR presence and may have to start back peddling at speed. Unexpected issues can be uncovered e.g unsupervised employees, poor performance, procedures not being followed and even employees who are not eligible to work in the UK – who is going to sort this without HR?

The absence of HR can certainly hit your business, but ‘it’s never a problem until it’s a problem’, we’ve heard many senior managers say but when it does become a problem it is time consuming, stressful and expensive . Usually it won’t go away without a fight – or a settlement. Where would your rather spend your resources?

As the report continues to show you can reduce the risks that are there by having an HR professional there to pick up the pieces for you.

Employer Solutions can provide an “interim HR adviser” for a day per week at modest fees. Allow us to demonstrate the value of HR!

Anita Manfredi MCIPD,
HR Adviser

Malcolm Martin FCIPD
Author Human Resource Practice.

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