Sexual harassment – where does it end?

As a young technician in the 1960s I was aware of significant levels of sexual harassment; from supervisors’ “privileges” to managers whose wives and girlfriends helped them to achieve promotion. Harvey Weinstein, Michael Fallon and others are not alone. If there is an afterlife there must be many men quaking in their graves today. Others […]

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Employment Tribunal Visit – last spaces left!

Our next Employment Tribunal Visit will be held on Tuesday 5th December in Manchester, 9am – 4pm (approx). Led by Malcolm, the visit includes a pre-briefing, information pack, case progress reviews and lunch. Hailed as the “best day’s training in years” delegates gain understanding and confidence in managing their employees without conflict. With the recent […]

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How much of an HR risk is your business prepared to take?

A recent article claims that the cost not hiring an HR specialist is far greater than an HR Managers salary. Why? The article highlights the fact that a huge number of companies in the UK don’t have any HR in place and they miss out on opportunities to grow and prosper in consequence. Most businesses […]

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Lancaster economic development cannot be led by retail

Lancaster City Council is going to progress with new plans to transform the Canal Corridor North site in Lancaster according to this Bay radio article. I suggest their ideas are deeply flawed and will not assist employment and hence economic development in the City. What Lancaster needs most, if it is to be economically successful […]

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