Are you ready for Storm Brian?

Storm Brian is forecast to arrive on Saturday. As an employer, how should you prepare? It is also worth giving thought in advance to any alternative sites of work, and where home working might be appropriate. If your employees work in the community you might want to give some forethought as to how employees might […]

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Sleep is better than a pay rise!

Researchers at Oxford Economics have found that a good night’s sleep is worth more than quadrupling an employees disposable income. Of course there are other ways of motivating employees, or resisting the pay rise! It is an illusion, beyond a threshold level, that money is a strong motivator. It is certainly a mistake to offer […]

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Tourism is rising – are you ready?

Tourist promotion agency VisitBritain forecasts overseas trips to the UK will increase 6% with spending up 14% this year. Britons are also holidaying at home in record numbers. With tourism featuring high in the Lancashire and Cumbria economy there are implications for employment. Facts Lancaster is one of 11 heritage cities in the UK featuring […]

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Do you employ black people?

October is Black History Month bringing to mind such greats as Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali and Louis Armstrong, to name but a few. But do African-Caribbean and other ethnic groups represent talent for your business? “They never apply” is an excuse I’ve heard too often. Fear of not fitting in discourages ethnic groups from […]

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