New ways of working – top tips to stay ahead

Life is changing all around us and the capacity to work flexibly is seen as key to the future and a key enabler to high performing virtual teams. Ernst & Young.

Employers say to us “We don’t do flexible working” or “I am not happy with home working”. Understandable views, but risky. New ways of working are springing up and sticking to the traditional can catch us out.

Remote working can improve profit by:

  • Making it easier to cover a wider range of hours
  • Giving you access to a larger pool of talent
  • Reducing wasteful interruptions. (In the right environment)
  • Saving time and energy wasted on commuting
  • There is also evidence that remote working reduces sickness absence and improves retention.

Making it work:

  • Set clear expectations and establish ground rules
  • Have effective reporting processes
  • Provide lines of accountability
  • Focus on output more than on time
  • Meet regularly in the remote environment(s)
  • Seek out what remote employees do well; praise
  • Encourage employees to be open by listening
  • Put yourself in their place so you can understand the challenges

Other matters to think about:

  • Employee induction
  • Communication processes so everyone knows what is going on!
  • Use of technology both to work and to communicate
  • Hazards in the home
  • Hazards from lone working
  • Social events to encourage and facilitate good working relationships
  • The contract of employment; tying it up now to avoid disputes later
  • Employer Solutions can help

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