Business Question Time at North Lancs Expo

This will be your opportunity to put questions to business leaders in North Lancashire. Chaired by Malcolm Martin of Employer Solutions. The panel will include Alistair Eagles, CEO of Seatruck Ferries Ltd; Ruth Wilkinson, Head of Internal Sales at the Daisy Group; Michael Gibson, Chair of Digital Lancashire, owner and MD of Miralis Data, Wendy […]

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Careless talk in Preston costs an employer £360,000

In a judgment that could sink many a small organisation the Court of Appeal has upheld a compensatory award of £360,000 to an employee as a result of a single careless remark from her line manager. The misguided remark was for the employee’s line manager to suggest that “women take things more emotionally than men, […]

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“I see the Employee Handbook”, said the Judge…

“But I cannot see the Company’s name on it. Has the employee seen it? The Company is contesting a claim for constructive dismissal and there is a lot at stake. The employee had worked for the Company almost all his adult life. If he proves the Company have treated him in such a way that […]

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New ways of working – top tips to stay ahead

Life is changing all around us and the capacity to work flexibly is seen as key to the future and a key enabler to high performing virtual teams. Ernst & Young. Employers say to us “We don’t do flexible working” or “I am not happy with home working”. Understandable views, but risky. New ways of […]

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