Employee returning late from holiday – what to do?

Usually you will get a request but perhaps the employee just returns late. There are a number of possible scenarios that we examine here… 1. The employee makes a request while on holiday and the effect on your business is minor You might just want to accede to the request. It could generate some goodwill. […]

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Keeping your HR data safe

HR data is invariably sensitive personal data which under the Data Protection Act, and the future General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you are obliged to keep secure. Employer Solutions is pleased to announce that it has achieved the Cyber Essentials accreditation. The accreditation means that our computer systems meet the essential standards of security appropriate […]

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Stress: “get used to it” – hints and tips for employers

The employee and her representative sit there citing mental illness, anxiety and panic attacks as the reasons why she has let the employer down yet again. The employer dares to share some of her own personal challenges. What happens next? The representative immediately jumps down the employer’s throat. He tells the employer bluntly that her […]

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